Linux distributions friendly for beginners

For quite a long time, systems based on Linux were regarded by the majority of regular computer users as operating systems designed exclusively for programmers. Actually, there is a number of distributions which do not require any advanced knowledge of computer science in order to be used. If you are looking for such a system, you will find great ideas in this article.

Linux Mint

If you have already checked Linux distributions, you might have come across many articles recommending Ubuntu for beginners. Still, according to some experts there is an even more user-friendly version of Linux which is Linux Mint.

Linux Mint has a great variety of out-of-the-box programmes which are already pre-installed in the system. The system has three editions for desktop which are Xdce, NATE and Cinnamon. There is a special manager for accessing all the crucial features of the system such as display, privacy, account, drivers, firewall as well as devices. The manager is located under the System Settings name.

Linux Mint has two package repositories. the first one is its own whereas the second one is the package base of Ubuntu.

Linux Mint is a reliable, safe and very simple operating system.


As you have already learnt, Linux Mint might be somewhat easier for beginners, however, Ubuntu is currently the most popular Linux distribution according by Google Trends. This operating system is widely used for clouding computing, Linux server as well as desktop.

This operating system has its new releases pretty frequently, as it happens every six months.

This operating system is based on Debian. As its default Desktop Environment it is using GNOME. The reason this operating system is not thus good as Linux Mint for beginners is the fact it does not have thus many out-of-the-box options for users and actually requires some work from its users to become more polished. Still, it is possible to customise this operating system which is described in numerous tutorials.

One of the great features of Ubuntu is the fact this operating system has a huge number of software packages.

Although Ubuntu is not perfect for new users of Linux distributions, this version of Linux has one of the largest communities which is willing to support the users of this operating system.


When it comes to the most user-friendly Linux distributions, Manjaro is certainly one of them. Actually, this is a quite unique operating system. It is based on Arch Linux.

Unlike many other Linux distributions, Manjaro will not require constant reinstallation from you whenever there is a new upgrade of the system.

There are three desktop editions available for this operating system which are KDE, GNOME and XFCE. This operating system is filled with pre-installed software and will work out-of-the-box.

The style of the layout of Manjaro resembles Windows a lot. One of the strongest features of this system is its pamac package manager which allows its users to get the latest software for the system.Manjaro has inbuilt NVDIA drivers as well as inbuilt functions allowing you to install the latest versions of Kernels.

Other Linux distributions which are not too complex for beginners are Fedora, Deepin Linux, Zorin OS, Elementary OS and Solus.