Free alternatives to Google Photos for Linux

So far, one of the most popular services for storing photos online, has been Google Photos. Its users love the functionality of the platform which is not available in the majority of other storage spaces. Still, starting from the summer, serious changes have been affecting the way in which users can store their images with Google Photos.

Why might you need any alternatives to Google Photos?

Today, the free version of the service is sharing the storage space with other files, so in total, having a Google account will offer you only 15 GB for all types of files you want to store. This is not enough even if you are not particularly into making photos. That is why you might be willing to switch to a different option.

Unfortunately, there are not many services offering a possibility for storing too much of your photos free of charge. On top of that, if you are looking for platforms integrated with the operating systems based on Linux, their number is even smaller. However, there are some options available to you.


Mega is one of the most popular alternatives to Google Photos. This cloud platform has a pretty large amount of free space for the first month of usage which is about 50 GB. Even though the free version of the service will reduce this amount of space to 15 GB after the first month of usage, there are many ways to extend it without paying for it. The service is offering more gigabytes for storage as a bonus for inviting your friends to use the platform. In addition to it, you will get more free space for installing Mega on your mobile devices and downloading the desktop programme.

If the space provided by Mega for free is not enough for you, you can also purchase additional space for money. The purchase is based on monthly subscription. You can choose from the options of 400 GB, 2 TB, 8 TB and 16 TB. As you can see, there is a lot of space available in this cloud storage.

When it comes to the free version of Mega, you should know that there is a limit for the maximum amount of traffic usage for a period of six hours. This means that you will not be able to upload or download more than 4 GB during 6 hours with this service.

Although Mega will not provide you with an intelligent tool for creating collections, it still will sort your photos according to their date which is also very helpful. In addition to it, you can be sure all of the files will be properly encrypted with Mega so that no one will be able to see them except for you.


Another alternative way of storing your files if you are using any of the Linux distributions is pCloud. pCloud will provide you with 10 GB of memory for free. Unlike Mega, it has two types of subscription in case you want to purchase more space for storage. With this service, you can pay for extra storage once a year or purchase the space forever. So far, there are two options when it comes to the size of the free space. The first one is 500 GB while the second one is 2 TB.

pCloud is the service developed by a team from Switzerland and it is well-known for very stringent rules when it comes to the privacy policy. That is why if you are looking for a storage space with extra protection, pCloud is one of the best options for you.

With the help of pCloud, you will be able to upload your photos and videos from your smartphone automatically. There are also basic tools for sorting your files. The pCloud programme has a separate folder Photo with easy access to all of your photos.