Mobile Operating System Features

One of the niftiest inventions of the modern generation is the smartphone’s mobile operating system. This led portable, pocket computing to the next level of human innovation. The mobile operating system comes in various forms and flavours which is different features and interfaces. All of these mobile operating systems will invariably have some things in common regardless of the operating system to meet some common demands of the users. Whether it is an android, iPhone, or smartwatch, you know you can chat or exchange texts, check e-mail, and so on.

Let’s dive into the most common features you will come across in mobile operating systems, whether it is Apple’s or Google’s Android.

Wi-Fi Calling

Any mobile device that claims to be a phone must have the calling feature let alone Wi-Fi calling if it is a smartphone. This is what makes the call possible over the Internet. This is an incredibly useful feature that saves the operator credit and lets you switch between cellular networks to Wi-Fi seamlessly. To use this feature, very first both your phone and carrier need to support this, then you need to enable it in your phone’s settings. Once the Wi-Fi is enabled, the phone can use any Wi-Fi network it is connected to for any phone calls. This is incredibly useful if you are going outside of the country and place Wi-Fi calls for international calls.

Emergency Capabilities

One of the features that are shipped with every smartphone is the emergency notification feature which receives broadcasts from the national emergency broadcast systems, like Emergency Alert System (EAS) commonly found in the United States. This is extremely useful in any dangerous situations or threat that could be caused by the weather or a flesh-eating zombie apocalypse. Another instance is if any child goes missing in your neighborhood or immediate areas, it let you get AMBER alerts. A lot of these emergency notifications also make your system sound quite louder or vibrate restlessly to get your attention.

Airplane Mode

This is one of the most common and must-have features that we all notice in every smartphone out there from the very beginning. This is a mode that upon toggling cut off or turns on any cellular and wireless services which includes Bluetooth. This handy feature is extremely useful to comply with airplane rules to shut down any device that could interfere with their service. You can also use it as a shortcut to turn off communication functions.