Free text editors you can use with Linux

Are you working with texts a lot and are looking for a great programme which is compatible with Linux? There is some good news for you!

In fact, the best programmes for text editing which are currently available for Linux, are offered free of charge. This article will give you all of the necessary details of such programmes. Note that many of them are also compatible with other platforms and can be synchronised which is even more convenient for effective work on your projects.


Typora is a programme designed specifically for personal computers, so it can be used on Linux as well as macOS and Windows. The designers of Typora paid a specific attention to the simplicity and minimalistic appearance of this programme, so that it will be more convenient for its users and less distracting.

This programme is very good for speeding up your work as it will help you to format your text automatically. For instance, Markdown will automatically be applied to the text while the programme can also alter the structure of the text automatically creating titles and subtitles as well as generating the contents. In addition to it, the programme has a great statistics function which you might also find useful.

By the way, the programme has some specific modes which can boost your productivity even more. For example, you can switch to the mode of focus as well as the mode of a typing machine.

Typora also has several styles for formatting as well as the appearance of the interface itself.


If you are an active user of Linux, you might have already come across such a programme as Atom which is actually also available for macOS and Windows.

Actually, the primary purpose of Atom is writing a code, however, you can use this programme for other purposes as it has a great number of extensions which can customise its functionality according to your needs. For instance, you can choose a special plugin for using Atom as an editor for Markdown.

Note that Atom has very useful functionality which will provide you not only with an advanced file browser as well as bookmarks but also a division into windows which will allow you to work with several texts at a time.

LibreOffice Writer

Undeniably, you should remember about such a programme as LibreOffice Writer in case you are looking for an option which can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Word compatible with Linux.

LibreOffice Writer will be certainly a convenient option for you especially if you have been working with Microsoft Word and are very much used to its functionality and interface. LibreOffice Writer is certainly a great option for you in such a case.

Actually, its functionality indeed seems similar to the one provided by Word, albeit you might find it somewhat more limited, however, you certainly should bear in mind this programme is completely free unlike Microsoft Word. Still, some of its features are unavailable in Word. For instance, with the help of LibreOffice Writer you can publish your texts online. In addition to it, this programme can even finish your projects for you automatically which might be quite a useful feature.