Even more curious operating systems available for free

We have already discussed some of the most notable although not necessarily popular free operating systems which are not based on Linux. In this article, you will find even more curious operating systems which might not necessarily be useful, however, they are certainly fun to check.


ReactOS is a unique operating system as it is not trying just to be a free system for people to use. It is actually designed in a way to be used as a free clone of Windows compatible with the programmes created for Windows. Creating such an operating system is certainly not easy especially taken into consideration the fact it is not using any pieces of the code which is a part of Windows. ReactOS has been created in the cooperation with the Wine project and has implemented a number of Windows APIs to some degree.


Syllable is a distribution of AtheOS. AtheOS is the clone of AmigaOS which was an operating system developed for the computers which have already been extinct for decades.

Syllable has native apps as well as a quite usable interface. It is also has its own web browser based on Webkit as well as an email client. An interesting part of this operating system is the fact it can be used on computers with extremely small RAM as it requires only 32MB under the condition of not using the Internet, otherwise, you will need at least 64MB. The entire space required for installation is only 250MB.


MenuetOS is certainly worth your attention as this operating system was designed in such a way as to be booted from a floppy disc. Since floppy discs which were widely used during the 90s had only 1,44MB of storage, you can imagine how tiny this operation system. At the same time it can support even 32GB of RAM. The entire operating system was created in assembly language.


DexOS is another curious project which was created in the way to give you an effect of playing on a simple version of a home game console. You can have a feeling of Dreamcast while launching programmes especially games. Just like the pervious operating system, DexOS is also very small and can fit a floppy disc.

Note that DexOS was created by a single developer.


Visopsys is another project created by a single developer and still, the developer did not base this operating system on any OS which had already been available to users and programmers. Actually, the development on Visopsys started in 1997 and through all this time a single person has been working on it.