JavaScript – an essential part of web development

If you have been learning web development, you have certainly have a slightest, full-fledge idea or at least have already come across such a term as JavaScript. Still, if you have started learning JavaScript yet, you might be wondering what all the fuzz about this language is and why it seems to have such an incredibly important role in the entire industry of web development.

Providing you are really interested in starting learning the whole functionality of web development available today, this article will allow you to dive right in.

What is JavaScript?

First of all, if you have made it this far with going through HTML, CSS and are already confident enough to move to JavaScript, then you certainly should pat yourself on your back. You have done a fantastic job where most do not even make it this far.

JavaScript is a programming language currently used for front-end web development. This is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language. The front-end development itself refers to the client-side web programming which includes such essential elements as markup, styling and interactions. By now, you have learnt how a markup and styling are implemented with HTML and CSS. This leads us to the interaction part and yeah, you guessed it right. This is where JavaScript comes to play.

JavaScript is used in implementing features such as for example form validation which is based exactly on interaction. If you are not exactly aware of such a process, then you should know that form validation is what happens when you a user clicks a button or in fact anywhere on the page. Other aspects of the functionality of a website covered by the technology offered by JavaScript are the way in which you store values inserted by users, the animation available on the web pages as well as communicating with the back-end part of your website. The back-end term used to be reserved for the server-side applications, however, with the rise of Node.Js, this part includes virtually anything. As you can imagine, the subject is extremely large so it is another topic for another day.

This is just the least one can mention. The things you can do with JavaScript totally rely on the limit of your own horizon and of course on the language itself.

The usage of JavaScript

If you are interested in learning about even more ways in which you can apply JavaScript, here are some of the most notable options available to you.

For instance, with the help of this popular programming language you can make web applications, the applications of the SPA type which stand for Single Page Applications, websites, games and a lot of other amazing things. All of these projects can be completed with the help of the most common building blocks for JavaScript tasks. For this purpose, you will need to know the DOM manipulation, which is to say where the HTML resides, syntax, variables, functions, arrays, objects, operators, data types, chaining, Ajax and much more.

You will be left with few useful resources at the end to learn about these in greater details.

Where can you get more information on the topic?

Once you grab hold of the subjects and functionality mentioned above, you will be able to start building smaller functional components. For instance, let’s say you have learned about how a function works, so now you can write a smaller code that do something with the execution of your function and then, with each succeeding topic, you will be able to construct a bigger application. With this approach you will consolidate what you are learning.

Note that there is one thing you should get ready to live with which is problem solving. It is crucial to develop such an approach rather than getting disappointed with a strong feeling of giving up and not coming back at all. Take a break and realise this is an essential part of the learning process, especially the one thus challenging as programming.

Now, you are ready to pick one of the great resources available for beginning web developers. Fortunately, there are many resources online you can start with for free including w3 schools, Freecodecamp, and of course, various Udemy courses, YouTube and a lot more that will simply not fit here. It is up to you to find the best one in accordance with your preferences.

Happy learning!

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