Exploring the history and features of Linux openSUSE

It is also important to understand the features that come with openSUSE before purchasing it. The following are the most notable features that openSUSE currently offers.

YaST Command and Control Center

You’ll have to go through the YaST Control Center to install openSUSE. On the other hand, YaST Control Center will be used for all administration tasks in this Linux distribution. System setup, hard drive partitioning, online updates, RPM package management, firewall setting, and network configuration are all handled by it.


AutoYaST can help with the installation of new updates automatically. It is the storage of configurations in an XML file. There will be no need for any user input during the installation.


The web interface of YaST is referred to as WebYaST. There is the option to customize the settings as well as the updates that come with it. On the other hand, it is quite useful for shutting down and even monitoring the condition of the host.

Create a service

Software developers may use the Open Build Service to compile, distribute, and publish their code without any difficulty. Because of the availability of this service, openSUSE has grown in popularity among developers. It has the potential to make all developers’ lives easier by providing a streamlined packaging procedure. On the other hand, it provides a single program for a variety of distributions.

openSUSE’s history

SUSE, Tuxedo Computers, B1-Systems, and ARM all contributed completely to the openSUSE project. They are in charge of maintaining openSUSE’s many distributions. All of these operating systems are based on Linux.

It’s important to remember, though, that openSUSE isn’t only about tools and distributions. The initiative provides access to a complete web platform that ensures community participation. In reality, together with the corporate sponsors who support openSUSE, the community is working to guarantee that it continues to evolve. This is accomplished through the use of OpenQA and the Open Build Service.

Because openSUSE is a Linux distribution, it has many of the same features as other Linux distributions. OpenSUSE, for example, has a graphical user interface. It is also feasible to obtain a command line interface using this method. OpenSUSE, on the other hand, has graphical user interfaces such as Xfce, MATE, Cinnamon, KDE, and GNOME. Currently, openSUSE supports a significant number of software packages that are part of open source and free software development projects.

Is openSUSE a good choice for you?

openSUSE is a good Linux distribution that you may install on your computer. If you like what it has to offer, you may go ahead and buy it without hesitation. The operating system is currently compatible with a wide range of hardware requirements. As a result, obtaining openSUSE will not be difficult.