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Linux & Notebooks, PDAs, Handheld PCs and Mobile Phones

Laptop Manufacturers - Linux Status  - This is an overview of more than 150 laptop and notebook manufacturers and their current Linux support status. Besides Linux also other UniXes are mentioned and some hints about laptops with other CPUs than from Intel are included. The survey will be updated constantly.

Linux on Laptops  - is an index of information and documentation of interest to those who now use or are considering using Linux on a laptop.

ThinkWiki  - is the Wiki Web for ThinkPad users. Here you find anything you need to install your favourite Linux distribution on your ThinkPad.

Asus Eee PC and Debian  - The goal of this wiki is full support for the Asus Eee PC in Debian.

Linux with PDAs and Handheld PCs  - You want to use Linux or another UniX with your PDA or handheld computer? Here are links to usage documentation about Linux with different PDAs. You may find documentation about non-Linux PDAs as well as dedicated Linux PDAs (like the Agenda VR3, the SHARP Zaurus and the Samsung Yopy).

Linux and Mobile (Cellular, Smart) Phones  - You want to use Linux or another UniX with your mobile (cellular) phone? Here are links to usage documentation about Linux with different mobile phones. You may find documentation about non-Linux phones as well as dedicated Linux phones.

Linux Status of Mobile Hardware  - Here are Hardware Compatibility Lists - HCLs for Linux with hardware and accessories used in laptops, notebooks, PDAs, mobile phones. Hardware like internal modems, miniPCI cards, IrDA ports, Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Also portable scanners and printers, mobile CD and DVD writers and much more is covered.

PCMCIA/CF Card Survey  - TuxMobil's Linux Hardware Compatibility List for PCMCIA/PC-Card/CF-Card and CardBus cards sorted by Manufacturer. You may find as well some tips and tricks to get PCMCIA/CF/CardBus cards to work with your Linux laptop, notebook or PDA.

The Linux pcmcia-cs Package  - The Linux pcmcia-cs package is officially deprecated. It can only be used with 2.4 and older kernels.

LaptopKernel  - is a patchset for the linux kernel containing several useful patches for laptop-users. It contains acpi, software suspend, supermount and some hardware compatibility patches. Look at the latest news-announcement for a complete list of patches.

Linux Laptops  - Linux laptop computers pre-installed and fully supported. LinuxCertified laptops go through a rigorous certification process to provide you with the best mobile Linux experience.  - Laptops, Notebooks und PDAs mit vorinstalliertem Linux. Alle Laptops werden mit einem vorinstallierten Debian/GNU Linux ausgeliefert. Gegen Aufpreis auch mit SuSE Linux.

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